Real Estate & Property

We can advise the Purchasers on the cash flow planning, cash budgets or type of financing before you make the earnest deposit.

We can advise the Vendors on the tax on the disposal and legible tax savings before you receive the earnest deposit.

Other services :

  1. Bank Discharge (with Individual title or Strata title) – this is when you have settled your bank loan;
  2. Bank Deed of Receipt and Reassignment (without Individual Title) this is when you have settled your bank loan;
  3. Perfection of Title – this is when your Developer intends to issue the Title under your name;
  4. Perfection of Charge – this is when your title has been issued by the Developer and your existing Bank requests you to add the Bank name into your title as Chargee.

Wills Writing

We can advise on what you should do in the following situations:-

  1. Single
  2. Married without children; and
  3. Married with Children.

Our experiences with plenty kind of scenarios will assist you to make a better will.

Probate (with Will) Letter of Administration (“LA”) (without a Will)

It is sad after you had lost someone, you shall act fact and appreciate what you will be inherited.

  1. The Duty and Lialibilities of Executor (Probabte) / Administrator (LA);
  2. Steps to be taken, ie: you should collect the details of assets, it will waste your money and time when you miss some valuable assets in the first round of applications
  3. Any beneficiary who is under age of majority

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